Melling Training and Consultancy is led by Kathy Melling, and works in collaboration with a wide range of associates including disabled and disadvantaged people, and their families.

Kathy comes from a background of supported employment and disability,
starting in the United States in the 1970’s. Working in local government, she
has been instrumental in transforming day services and developing supported
employment, which has supported hundreds of people to have a home, job
and a full life. She was the National Employment Lead for Valuing People
Now and worked as part of the Valuing Employment Now cross-Government
team until it was disbanded. Her most notable achievements include:
• Supporting local areas to develop employment pathways across
service and agency boundaries
• Writing and publishing a cross-Government definition and best practice
guidelines for supported employment
• Developing the Valuing People Now employment resource hub
• Writing the National Occupational Standards for supported employment

Melling Training and Consultancy offers:
• Consultancy – Advice on policy development at a strategic and local
level; change management; and evaluation
• Training and development – Supporting everyone to have the skills to
ensure that we all lead full lives in inclusive communities
• Service review – Ensuring services deliver full life outcomes for
individuals and families

3 Responses to About

  1. Sam says:

    Mom loves your site

  2. Hello Kathy! Yola Jacobsen gave me your name, and I’m contacting to ask if you’re able to help Share to put the “e” (for employment) back into our programme. We’re an adult learning centre working mainly with people with learning disabilities. Over a third also have autism. One area that we’ve identified as needing to prioritise is employment. We’ve done some thinking already, but I think we need some expertise, especially in terms of getting the Board of Trustees on board.
    We’re running a fairly successful IPS mental health employment project, but people with learning disabilities are getting stuck in a cycle of classroom based activities. We also have 2 work-based social enterprise programmes – Share Gardening and Share Catering.

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